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Mike Treurniet Aug 2018
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Incredible experience start to finish! Customer Service is truly amazing. I live in Ontario and had everything shipped to me. I am happy to recommend Wicker Emporium! Super happy customer!

Lumor jack Aug 2018
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I recently bought a queen bed frame from Wicker Emporium. My whole buying process was smooth with absolutely no hiccups. The price for their products are very competitive too. Will definitely be shopping with them again.

Kelly Scales June 2018
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the entertainment stand I got from Wicker Emporium. Excellent workmanship, beautiful piece, fast delivery and the customer service was second to none! I highly recommend Wicker Emporium for any unique pieces you want for your home.

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10 Tips to Design the Best Man Cave Ever!

What would be a man cave without a home bar? It is not only somewhere you can prepare drinks: home bars can be ideal places to hang out with friends, watch a football match, listen some music, play board-games, debate about politics… You can do everything! Just follow our tips to design the best home bar ever.

Photo by: Brojects

1. Choose the best location

It can be almost anywhere: inside the kitchen, a part of the living room, in the basement, the attic or even the garden… To decide, think about how often you will use it and what purposes you want it to have. Also, consider the weather (if you want your home bar outside), the lightness of the room, and, above all, if you need water or electricity.

2. You don’t need a palace to have a home bar

Believe it or not, you can have your own home bar even if you live in a studio apartment. One of the easiest options is the bar cart: you can move it all over your housing, store it if you don’t use it, and it is not very expensive.

 3. Decide which functions it will have

The purpose of home bar may be only to present your favourite bottles in a nice and fancy way, but it can also be far more than that. It can become a warm room in which you will hang out with friends or family for the festive times and gatherings, or simply a quiet place to read the newspaper. You have to keep in mind what use your home bar will have during the whole process. Thus, you will have the perfect home bar for you, based on your needs.

 4. Have a specific design style in mind

Home bars are now very popular so you can find furniture of various design style: rustic, modern, car-inspired, retro, 60s… You can also define a range of colors you will stick to. Just keep in mind that it should match with the decoration of the rest of your home!

 5. Focus on storage

You can almost use any type of storage : built-in cabinets, buffets, or even bookshelves. Try to stick with the design style you have selected for the whole home bar. For instance, for a car fanatic, you can choose a storage cabinet made with an upcycled vintage tractor; or for a Far West atmosphere, a wine rack made with an old wagon wheel cart.


 6. What the bar itself will look like

There is so many types of bars! If you have enough space you can either chose an island bar or an integrated one. The advantage of an island bar is that it will offer more space to prepare the drinks, and you can pursue your conversation with your guests while making beverages. But if you live in a studio apartment, your home bar can also be a simple bar cart!

 7. Think about how your guests will seat

This is one of the most important things you have to think about. Your guests (and yourself!) have to feel at ease and be seated comfortably. If you don’t have that much space, chairs can be a good option because you can easily store them when you don’t use them. Otherwise, you can create a cosy space looking like a living room with a few armchairs, cushions and couches.

 8. What about electrical goods and tools?

It actually depends on what you like to drink. If you are a cocktail person, an ice provider will be essential. If you are a wine lover, wine coolers are must-haves. However, a sink can be really useful and a fridge (even a little one) is almost indispensable.

About tools, you can easily learn how to use the basics (stirrer, shaker, jigger…) in order to impress your guests and make delicious beverages! If you are not into that, a mere corkscrew will wonderfully do the job!

 9. Spoil yourself with serveware

This is the part when you can feel free to buy almost anything you have ever wanted! Shakers, napkins, fruit basket, straws, various glasses for various types of drinks… You can mix numerous styles and colors, from flashy to classic, from antique to modern. Express your personality through the accessories you will choose.

 10. Enjoy!

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